Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch

The Returned Services League of Australia
Bribie Island Sub Branch Inc.

The Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12 noon.

Welfare Officers are also available to assist with enquiries regarding Pension eligibility and/or Welfare for Veterans.


With about 800 Members, the Bribie Island RSL Sub-Branch Inc. is a large and vital club in the Brisbane North RSL District and third largest in the district. New members are always welcome.

The role of any Sub-Branch is to service the needs of its members, members of the ex-Service community and currently serving members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

The Sub-Branch is also responsible for the organisation of Commemorative Services such as Anzac Day, Remembrance Day which are held in the gardens of the Bribie Island RSL and Memorial Club Inc.

The Sub-Branch meets on the second Wednesday of each month in the Anzac Room of the Club at 9.30 am except in the months of March, June, September and December, when meetings are held on the first Sunday of the month at 10.00 am, followed by a BBQ and social activities in the club’s magnificent barbecue area. 

All Sub-Branch members are welcome to attend.

Membership information can be obtained from the Club Reception Desk, or from the Sub-Branch office.

100 Years of ANZAC 

General Enquiries

Phone: 07 3408 0450
Fax: 07 3408 3161

Welfare Officer
Phone: 07 3410 1191

Pensions Officer
Phone: 0409 894 126

The Bribie Island RSL Sub-Branch offers excellent services to members and ex-service persons who require assistance and advice on matters such as Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Defence Service Homes etc.

Pensions and welfare officers are available for interviews by appointment. The Sub-Branch also contributes widely to the youth of Bribie Island, sponsoring an annual schools bursary competition, and most importantly brought into being the RSL Community Link programme, which has now been accepted in most States of Australia. Donations are also made to many charities, particularly those of an ex-service nature.

For your protection, we believe that any claim made to the Department of Veterans' Affairs should receive the advice and assistance of a qualified Pensions/Welfare Practitioner before submission.

Honorary Secretary
PO Box 1029,
Bongaree, QLD 4507