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About Us


About Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch

Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch was founded by veterans and has been in operation since 1977 to provide support and comradery to all veterans, past and present, young and old, male and female alike and their families, including the families of those that did not return and those that pass on our watch through various well planned support mechanisms and programs aimed at providing the needed assistance and support to servicemen and women.

Today, the Sub Branch is still run and well governed by veterans with a sound team of staff and volunteers that are highly committed to supporting our service community and enabling our core mission and objectives to continually grow and evolve to meet the needs of each generation of the armed services personnel and their families.

To ensure that support mechanisms and programs are in place for the well-bring, care, compensation and commemoration of serving and ex-service Defence Force members and their dependents; and promote government, community, associated ancillaries and awareness of the need for a secure, veterans safety and a progressive Australia.

To providing world class support all veterans and their families.

Today, veterans and their families come to the RSL for many different reasons, but no matter what their need, the number one objective of the League – to provide for the sick, helpless, wounded, aged, vulnerable, destitute and needy among those who are serving or who have served in the Australian Defence Forces and their dependants – is the top priority.

5 core goals in helping

  • To help past and present veterans and their families where possible. To help with the little things such as house hold chores I.e. lawn mowing, odd jobs.
  • To provide the elderly and incapacitated respite outings at no cost with full medical support if required.
  • To help with the claims and support including but not limited to entitlements, benefits and pensions.
  • To help in providing emergency accommodation and housing for less fortunate veterans and their families.
  • To help in taking the next steps for rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

To be your voice

To lobby state and federal government for resources in order to provide veteran services specifically mental health services.

Direct & Indirect Support

  • Support to education facilities such as local schools.
  • Support to units and sub unit commands.
  • Support to cadet establishments whilst maintaining the importance of the RSL.

Impart Knowledge and Leadership To Others

To be the flagship and leading sub branch in Australia; so other sub branches can learn, gain experience, scale and add value to local community from our operating procedures.