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Minutes of the General Meeting 11 June 2017




Sunday 11th June 2017 AT 10:00AM.




         1.         Chairman to declare the meeting open.


            2.         Those present.


            3.         President recites the ODE and members stand in silience.


                        In memory of our fallen comrades.


            4.         Daniel Mead, Dorothy Spethamn.      



            5.         Apologies –


                        George Franklin, Dave Aitchison and Cedric Spearritt.



            6.         Minutes - Minutes of the Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch held on Wednesday 10th May,

            2017 for receipt and confirmation. (as circulated)


            Matters Arising :-       




            7.         Correspondence - Inwards :-



                        (a)        ANZAC Day Main Parade points from the wash up;


                                    Close the road at 0800 hours at Lulu’s, The band and colour party forms up outside

                                    the Four X sign at the Sports Club at 0830 hours.

                                    Then the parade forms up immediately behind the colour party,

                                    Army, Vietnam Veterans, Service Woman, Air Force, Navy, schools and vehicles.

                                    March off at 0845 hours.


                                     NOTE… The drop off point for the ANZAC Day 2018 parade

                                     is the Seaside museum car park. Not Lulu’s or the laundromat footpath.



               (b)    Dawn Service, discussions continuing with the council to move

                                    the Dawn Service to Brennan Park.

                                    There will be no wreath laying ceremonies at the dawn service except for,

                                    the RSL and VIPS. Anybody wishing to lay a wreath may do so after the dawn service.



                        (c)        New computer system will be installed after the 12th June 2017.



                        (d)       State RSL charities team is considering taking the Veterans for Youth

                                     program on board as a worthwhile activity for troublesome youth.



                        (e)        Presidents lunch 5th August 2017 11:30 for 12:00 noon sit down max guests 180.

                                    When paying please have all funds for the complete table booking.

                                    Three course meal at a cost of $20 per head for Bribie Island sub branch members.

                                    $50 per head if not a sub branch member.



                        (f)        Brief by the ACNC-AIS charities team that the previous audits and including

                                    the 2015-2016 audit are lacking in detail. To comply with the nonprofit charities

                                    organization the sub branch needs to include more detail in the audit report,

                                    for welfare activities, support to ESO’s, social outings, community projects

                                    and projects under consideration.



                        (g)       The Royal Australian Regiment Association are inviting all and ex members to a

                                    Yuletide in July function at the Gap Tavern Wednesday 26th July cost $45 per head.

                                    The dress is smart casual. Please RSVP by the 21st July to Greg Decker 0417464251.


                        (h)       Letter of thankyou and appreciation from HMAS Hobart Association.





                        Correspondence Outwards:-



                        (a)        Invites sent out to the RSL Sub Branch’s for presidents lunch.



                        (b)       Reply to the Ladies Axillary ref BBQ 11th September.

                                    (Chris K-Z and Erin are the cooks) sub branch paying the bar supervisor bill.



                        (c)        Korean Veterans medal presentation to 13 Korean Veterans

                                    on the 22nd July at the Cascade Gardens Broardbeach, Gold Coast.

                                    The bus departs Bribie RSL at 0745 hours and should return

                                    to Bribie approximately 1600 hours (4pm).





            8..        Reports :-


                        (a)        Treasurers Report.


                        (b)       Ladies Auxiliary


                        (c)        BNRD Report.


                        (d)       Club Liaison Report.


                        (e)        Membership Officers Report.


                        (f)        Welfare Officers Report.


                        (g)       Ceremonials Report.


                        (h)       Community Link Report.


                        (i)        Events Coordinator Report.


            9.         General Business  




            10.  Date of the next general meeting will be a Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 0930 hours.


            11.  The Chairman to declare the meeting closed.