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Minutes of the General Meeting October 11 2017




Wednesday 11th October 2017 AT 0930 hrs




         1.         Chairman to declare the meeting open.


            2.         Apologies


                        Robert Hazelwood


            3.         President recites the ODE and members stand in silence.


                        In memory of our fallen comrades.


                        Ronald McFadyen and John Wilson


            4.         Minutes - Minutes of the Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch held on 10th September,

            2017 (as circulated)



                        Matters Arising:-       





            5.         Correspondence - Inwards :-



(a)        Acknowledgement of invites to the Beersheba Luncheon. (total numbers for the    function 160)



               (b)     Request from MSMC to give support letter to acquire a block of land.                      

                                     (NON Financial Request)


                        (c)        Change of venue for the ANZAC Day Dawn service 2018.

                            Council still has not made a firm decision the reason being traffic congestion.



                        (d)       District meeting 7th October 2017.

Four committee members attended the meeting at Kallanger RSL Sub Branch. There was a presentation by Deloitte informing the district of the changes to the state board and election of directors and board members.

The BNRD unanimously opposed the Deloitte proposal and informed Deloitte presenters that in no way will we be threatened by them to take their proposal or it will be forced on us by Deloitte or possibly the ACNC.



There have been two letters of complaint sent to all RSL Sub Branch’s in Queensland by ex-Senator Bill O’Chee the President of Clayfield-Toombul Sub- Branch. To address the manor of the presentation and that it appears that the decision has already been made by Deloitte.

example (we have been told by Deloitte there will be two non RSL members paid to   sit on the board.)

                                    (This does not comply with the RSL constitution)

When asked for the terms of reference Deloitte could not answer the questions or which organizations that they compared the RSL Queensland to in Australia.. The only answer was, we compared you to a Canadian Company.



                        (e)          Letter of complaint to the President of District North Vic Reading.



(f)           Burpengary State School requesting any ex-students who have served in the military from WW1 until present day please supply your service details for a memorial wall at the school.




(g)      RSL CARE name change… The name has been changed to distance the RSL from health care and the numerous health investigations into age care facilities. ( The RSL still owns all assets of RSL CARE)




(h)         MSMC thank you letter for requesting that they provide a catafalque and flag party for  Remembrance Day.




               (i)                 Letters from the orderly room in regards to changes to MCRS, DRAC and SOPs    (DRAC replaces SRCA) (TPI EDA INTERMEDIATE and 10%-100%)




                        (j)        A Remembrance Day book for sale ( LETS NOT FORGET) cost $10


                                     Contact details MB 0417927912 email




                        (k)       Launch of ACNC advisory board 22nd September 2017.


                                     The first meeting will be held on the 17th October 2017.



(l)      Stewart Cameron stands down as state president until the investigation of NSW RSL is finalized.

Stewart had nothing to do with the decision of gifting a motor vehicle. He stood down from the national board prior to the board decision. However having served on the board he is still being investigated.




(m)         All board members are to have to graduate the (AICD) Australian Institute Company   Directors course to be eligible to sit on the board.



                                          (n)           Still waiting on Telstra to connect phone lines.


                                          (o)         New printer fax installed and new MYOB purchased.





                        Correspondence Outwards




               (a)          Letter of support for MSMC to acquire a block of land.




               (b)     To RSL Citizens Club dates for functions next year.




                        (c)        The beacon advising AGM will be 18th February 2018.




                        (d)       Moreton Bay council ref changing ANZAC Day venue.




(e)        The Presidents lunch date and ANZAC Day function to be confirmed by the Citizens Club as the auditorium will be closed from

                                   Wednesday 25th April 2018 - Monday 3rd September 2018





            6.         Reports:-


                        (a)        Treasurers Report.



               (b)      Ladies Auxiliary Report



                        (b)        Membership Officers Report.



                        (c)         BRND report.



                        (d)        Welfare Officers Report.



                        (e)        Ceremonials Report.



                        (f)         Community Link Report.




                        (g)      Events Coordinator report




                        (h)       Club Liaison Report




            7.         General Business  







            8.         Date of the next general meeting will be Wednesday 8th November at 0930hrs 2017.




            9.         The Chairman to declare the meeting closed.