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Advocacy and Pensions


Advocacy and Pensions

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of making representations on behalf of another to ensure that they receive a fair hearing of their case or an outcome which they seek. In the context of the RSL this means providing support to veterans who are seeking entitlements, based on their service, from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Ensuring all current and former service personnel and their families who are in need of assistance get the support they need. Our Sub Branch offers advice and preparation of claims under the VEA, MRCA and SCRA by our volunteer Pensions Officer Brett Mitchelsen offers free advocacy service and can help you navigate the Dess and ensure you get the best possible outcome.
Making a DVA claim for a condition or injury received during service can be confusing and time-consuming, but the advice and support of a qualified advocate can take the guesswork out of it.

There are four main benefits of working with an advocate.

A Guiding Hand

Our advocate liaises with the DVA on behalf of their clients. They'll ensure you’ve got all the documentation and evidence you need to prove your claim, and support you through the process. Claims can take some time to be assessed and approved, but our advocates will keep you informed at every stage.
Having the support of an advocate can be particularly helpful for veterans who are suffering from PTSD or mental health issues.
Our advocate will take the time needed to ensure veterans fully understand what is happening and why, or to reassure them if their claim is delayed.

Specialist Knowledge

RSL Queensland advocates are all knowledgeable about the Acts governing veteran compensation and the claims process. But they can also draw on a bank of knowledge and expertise from their colleagues across the organisation, some of whom have decades of experience in compensation and advocacy.
Many RSL advocates are also ex-Defence members. That means they share with their clients a unique understanding of what it means to have served and to have transitioned back into civilian life, this gives them the ability to empathise with their clients in a very different way.

A Holistic Aproach

While RSL advocates work to ensure veterans receive any compensation they’re entitled to, they are also able to link them with other programs and services that will result in a better overall outcome.
Above all, we’re focussed on wellness, we want to improve our clients’ quality of life and that’s often best achieved through a combination of factors – compensation certainly, but also things like rehabilitation services, social connection and support in finding civilian employment.
RSL advocates understand the full range of services and programs available to veterans – both from DVA and from ex-service organisations like RSL Queensland and Mates4Mates. They work with veterans to develop a wellness plan that incorporates all the elements that will result in the best possible outcome.
Sometimes if veterans are too focussed on compensation above all else, they may begin defining themselves according to their level of disability. We want them to focus on being well again.

Advocates Are On Your Side

Ultimately, our advocates are only there to help veterans. Our advocacy services are provided completely free of charge, and you don’t have to be an RSL member to get assistance.
Take the time to find out how we can help, having an advocate by your side can make the claims process simpler and less stressful. RSL Queensland’s advocates can work with you face-to-face, via telephone or online, including lodging your claim online.

Brett Mitchelson can be contacted on 0458 370 935 or email