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Funerals / Poppy Services


Funerals / Poppy Services

One of the more serious duties and obligations is to ensure that when a member of the Sub Branch or any veteran passes away we offer the next of kin the opportunity to have a Poppy Service arranged by the RSL. This is conducted by an RSL Sub Branch member, and a boxed flag is presented to the next of kin.

We conduct the traditional RSL segment of the service if it is their wish or request, even if the service is conducted by the clergy or a celebrant. For our part we simply wish to acknowledge the late veteran’s contribution to the peace and freedom of his/her beloved country.

Losing a member of our military family hits us all very hard and we consider it our obligation to ensure that sacrifices are remembered, that those who have served are farewelled with respect, and that their service is appropriately recognised. As well as assisting with funeral arrangements for families in need, the RSL also will assist with funeral expenses.

For those who have no known relatives, we arrange a dignified funeral service, attended by RSL representatives, to ensure that no digger is laid to rest alone.

We can also actively seek out and give recognition to unmarked graves in which veterans are interred, ensuring descendants have the opportunity to properly lay them to rest.