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RSL Community Link

Commemoration of our Fallen has always been a significant part of the RSL’s role, with members joining with the wider community for over 100 years to honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. But a program developed over 20 years ago by a small Sub Branch took the commemoration a step further, and today hundreds of school students around the state join the RSL Community Link program to honour the Fallen.

Founded at Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch in 1995, the RSL Community Link commemorative program was born to engage youth through research and remembrance of the lives of the people who have served Australia throughout military conflicts. The brainchild of Sub Branch committee member and World War Two veteran Walter Scott (‘Scotty’) Barrett, the program’s aim was to create a social partnership between the RSL, the wider community and the next generation, to enrich the local community with understanding and pride for their local servicemen and women.

For the youth of Australia who, in peace, are inspired to preserve the “Spirit of ANZAC”. RSL Community Link is a eternal remembrance organization; a national project of the RSL of Australia:“Their name liveth for evermore”.


In order to show our support and appreciation for the all fallen soldiers, we have a contingent from the Bribie Island Schools that are invited to travel to Canberra every two years to attend not only the National Anzac Day March, but to also visit Duntroon, and the Australian War Memorial.
We incorporate other educational visits during this trip including a visit to Parliament House, the Australian Institute of Sport, the Science Centre, and the Australian Mint. We then travel back through Sydney to visit the Olympic Stadium, Sydney City and a ferry ride to Manly. There are also many other venues and events that we attend during the trip.


The RSL Community Link sponsor the trip and the successful applicant will still need to pay $500 towards the costs, which include all travel, accommodation, meals and entry charges for places visited.

  • To encourage and recognize youth and adult involvement in RSL traditions and community based projects.
  • To promote eternal remembrance of a veteran.
  • To preserve (keep with us) the memory and records of those who suffered and died for the nation.
  • To physically participate in the annual commemorative day known as ANZAC Day.
  • To instil and encourage loyalty to the Nation and secure patriotic service.
  • It’s about being a fellow Australian
  • It’s about gratitude and thanks
  • It’s about Remembrance.

For without these brave men and women we would not have retained our FREEDOM. Hopefully, with our Youth’s enthusiasm, understanding and support, the tradition and legend of ANZAC Day will live on in a very practical sense long after the last veteran has left us.

Download Community Link Application Form

How does it work?

The representative attends remembrance ceremonies wearing a Veteran’s Memorial Plaque which shows the basic service details of the departed veteran, including a coloured ribbon bar indicating the medals to which the veteran was entitled. The representative also wears a Representative’s Link Card which shows the representative's name and his or her relationship to the veteran.

When can I wear the Plaque, Name Card and badge?

The Veteran’s Memorial Plaque and Representative’s Link Card can be worn at any remembrance ceremonies. Examples include Anzac Day (where you may also be able to represent your veteran in the march), Remembrance Day, and any other event where military service is being commemorated. The metal RSL Community Link Badge can be worn at any time.